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CTPD: Adjunct Evaluations


Student Evaluation of Course and Instructor

Each semester or term a formal evaluation of the instructor is completed by the student. The evaluation consists of statements regarding teacher instruction and material presented in class. Students will evaluate each statement using a 1-5 scale and a Not Applicable.

The instructor will be sent an email to their Lake Land email account allowing them to view their electronic evaluation composite scores after the end of the semester. These scores are broken down into an individual composite for each of the statements and an overall composite of all statements. A page of comments is also included. Each Division Chair has access to the evaluations. A copy of evaluations is available electronically.

Informal Evaluations

In most cases, if a student has a problem with a teacher, he/she will contact the Division Chair.

It is Lake Land's preference to handle the situation at the classroom level. The Division Chair will contact the instructor and inform him/her of the problem. These administrators act as a mediator for the teacher and the student. They suggest that the student(s) approach the instructor and communicate the problem. In addition, these administrators will also tell the instructor that a student will be approaching him/her about a particular problem. In that way, if the student fails to mention the problem, the instructor has the opportunity to address the issue.

Adjunct Evaluation

A formal written evaluation of the instructor will be done by the designated person assigned by the Division Chair. The evaluation consists of statements regarding classroom instruction, student interaction, employment recommendation, and comments by the evaluator.

The instructor will meet with the evaluator after the evaluation to discuss the results. The instructor and the evaluator will sign the evaluation after they have discussed the results. The instructor, Division Chair, and the Office of Human Resources will receive a copy for their records.