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CTPD: Student Self-Check

While online courses provide fexibility, they are not for everyone. Students considering an online course should review the information below. It is recommended students take CIS040, Introductions to Computer, before taking an online course.

The Online Assessment System for Internet Students (OASIS) is an online readiness assessment designed for students either considering an online course or currently in an online course. OASIS evaluates student readiness and learning styles. This service is provided by Illinois Community Colleges Online (ILCCO).

The following resources are from the Illinois Online Network:

Students registering for ONLY online courses can follow these steps to register:

1. Apply Online
2. Email or call Counseling Services for registration information. (217) 234-5232

Note: Students who apply for admission to a Lake Land College certificate or degree program or who wish to register for an English (ENG) or math (MAT) course must meet placement requirements prior to registration.